The Doggies lasted for 6 seasons and 120 episodes.


Season 1Edit

  1. Kids! The Cats! - George and Linda don't actually feel the spark anymore and decide to go on a second honeymoon, leaving their oldest son Tyler in charge with his siblings along with some help from his intelligent little brother, Robbie. Meanwhile, Ricky Mouse is being chased by the Pussycat Brothers and Kevin and Wendy give him ideas on how to outsmart them. Somehow, they fail and Ricky is finally caught. But it is not for long when Ricky finally smacks them on the head with a mallet, to which he finally figured out a way to outsmart them.
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  4. Me? A Criminal? - George is arrested by the police after he being mistaken with a famous bankrobber (who looks and sounds like him). Meanwhile, the Pussycats join the Police in order to proof his innocence, but their clumsiness ended up to make things worse.
  5. Off-Screen - The Pussycats and Ricky are hired by CBS to be the network's new executives. When their schedule changes start to anger the viewers (mainly thanks to Bobo), they have to undo their changes.
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  7. Road Trip - Bobo is invited to do a stand-up comedy act in Atlambic City and his roommates decide to go with him. However, a series of unforseen events doesn't seem to help them.
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  9. Doggies Help - When their children are kidnapped by the Teary Eyeds, George and Linda must join forces with Collin and his team to rescue them, meanwhile, the Pussycats buy new products to catch Ricky (This is a crossover with The Chronicles of Collin the Speedy Boy).

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